The Boys Alive! Clubhouse
The Boys Alive! Clubhouse
Janet Allison

Welcome to The Boys Alive! Clubhouse

A community of virtual support for parents & teachers of boys.

What is The Boys Alive! Clubhouse?

Yes, finally, there is an online retreat space for parents of boys! 

The Boys Alive! Clubhouse brings you together with other like-minded parents for mutual support, connection, collaboration, and conversation. Kids benefit when their adults have a strong and loving network of support. 

Your parenting only gets better when you have a supportive community. 

Combine the companionship of other parents who are going through the same thing with parents who have already been through the ages and stages that you're currently in and you are aligning yourself for success!

In The Boys Alive! Clubhouse, you are invited to:

  • ASK questions about the things that keep you up at night
  • DISCUSS issues crucial to your son's development
  • LEARN via classes, webinars, resource files - videos, audios, pdfs
  • ACCESS 'quick fix' parenting tips that you can use right away
  • JOIN live virtual events with Janet and other boy-experts
  • TAKE PART in live Q & A sessions - ask your questions in real-time and receive real-time support 
  • RECEIVE added benefits like: hearing ON BOYS Parenting Podcast episodes before they go live; you can use the option to meet members locally and in-person; plus enjoy direct contact with Janet and her team!

When we come together in mutual support and care, we are all better equipped to stay steady, courageous, and hope-filled, as we raise caring, confident, capable men.

You might be wondering how this works - The Boys Alive! Clubhouse is on the leading edge of 'what's new on the internet.' This platform allows you to converse, access classes and events, and step into a library of resources - all in one place.

1. The Clubhouse is so much more than a Facebook group. You have the privacy and safety of a secure group along with access to an ever-growing library of resources.

2. Enjoy a month for free. You'll enter your credit card details to join and you can cancel anytime. Of course, we hope you'll stay!

3. A low monthly investment gives you access to all of The Clubhouse benefits.

4. As with anything in life, the more you use it (we hope you'll check in every day), the more you and your family will benefit from all the features we offer!

I look forward to supporting you inside The Boys Alive! Clubhouse!


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